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Reporting journalist Franciscus Adioda

JAKARTA – Bambang Waryanto, PDIP’s elected chief prosecutor, seems to know Central Java’s governor Ganjar Pranuo well.

The two appeared nervous while attending the 2nd National Action Conference (Rakernas) held at the Jakarta Party School on Monday, June 21, 2022.daftar slot

According to the notes, at first, Gangar Pranu and Bambang Bakul were seen greeting fellow PDIP executives in the room where a national business meeting was held.

Ganjar Prano and Bambang Bakol were seen sitting not far away.

Shortly thereafter, Otut Adianto, the head of the PDIP faction in the Democratic Republic of Congo, was seen conversing with Ganjar Branovo.

Utut Adiantu and Ganjar Pranuo are seen teasing each other.

After that, it seems that Otto instructed Ganjar Pranovo to meet Bambang Pakol.

Ganjar Pranuo immediately stood up and walked over to Bambang Bakool.

Gangar Prano and Bambang Bakool watched them stand up and salute.

Then, other executives standing at the Independence Salute also cheered.

“Freedom, independence,” said Gangar and Bambang Bakool, followed by a number of DPP executives in the Assembly Hall.

After that, they clap their hands and sit back on the chairs provided.

PDIP executives are often known for being called opposition in political support.

Their relationship is often referred to as incompatible in political matters.

Bambang Pacul, secretary of the PDIP branch of the RI DRC, is known to have referred to Ganjar as obscene or Javanese kemajon.

Bambang made a statement when asked why he didn’t invite Gangar to an internal party event. One of them was the 48th anniversary of PDIP at Marhaen Panti Semarang.

Bakul said Gangar was not invited because he felt he was too ambitious for the 2024 presidential election.

Bambang said, “Unsolicited! (Bonus) I’m ahead (late). If you’re smart, don’t be smart (smart but not always smart)” said Bambang.

Bakul also admitted to giving Ganjar a warning code, but it was ignored.

He also called the ranks of kangaroo supporters pig cadres.

In November 2021, a number of DPP executives were renamed following Gangar’s announcement as the 2024 presidential nominee.

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